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  • PLA Various colors
  • ABS various colors
  • PET white and transparent
  • PLA flexi (black rubber)
  • 3d printer FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)


The materials currently available are as follows.

PLA: biodegradable material rather hard with a good degree of aesthetic finish. E’ the ideal material when you need to build prototypes that should not be subjected to intense mechanical stress.
Available in various colors. Heat resistant up to 45 °

PLA flex: is a material which simulates the rubber with mechanical characteristics of an elastomer shore 70.
Available in various colors. Heat resistant up to 45 °

ABS: It is a decidedly material + resistant PLA. It has a good aesthetic finish and is easy to work (sand down, pierce, paste, etc). It has good mechanical performance, Superior PLAN.
Available in various colors. Withstands up to 75 °

PET: E’ It withstands a lot of stress, more ABS. Being very hard it is less workable ABS. E’ suitable for contact with food and is resistant to water and humidity.
available white, black and transparent. It withstands temperatures up to 90 °.

The maximum print size are 223 x 223 x 305mm. For larger pieces further divide the prototype into several parts that are subsequently assembled and glued.

Accuracy is 0,05 x 0,05 x 0,02 mm (XYZ).

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