Piero Quintiliana
Design manager

Immediately oriented to "thinking with hands”, his training starts between the gold and metals laboratories, where he learned the techniques of embossing and chisel, the lost wax casting, filigree and engraving. Later he moved to Rome to study industrial design ISIA where he graduated with honors with Mandible project, innovative for motorcycles helmet that is published on ADI Design Index 2004 the young designers section. In 2000 start the first major collaborations with Ondesign study enabling him to draw brands like Addex design, Bontempi, Dupont, Oregon Scientific, Tim, Telecom Italy. Between these, Chamomile, digital alarm clock for kids, realizzata da Oregon Scientific, wins award Adi Design Index 2002 and participates in the prestigious Compasso d'Oro Adi. In parallel to the professional activities teaches industrial design and technology of materials at the First Faculty of Architecture "Ludovico Quaroni" La Sapienza University in Rome and l 'Italian Design Institute of Perugia.

Quintiliani currently works as a consultant for various companies operating in different sectors such as auto and motorcycle accessories, furnishings, beauty e fitness, household, appliances, health, for the work products, machinery, toys. Deals with the creation and development of new products and associated communication strategies.

He worked for Italian and international brands such as

Addex design, Alcatel, Algida, Because, Amplifon, Airoh, the, Bontempi, Cordivari, one, Fiat, Indesit, Maroma, Mercedes-Benz, Oregon scientific, Joycare, Renault, Tim, Telecom Italy.



China account manager

Alberto E.

Annunziata R.
Export manager

Andrea R.

Andrea G.
Industrial designer senior

Edoardo R.
Interior designer

Gianfranco A.
Multimedica designer

Giorgio M.
Industrial designer junior

Fabrizio G.

Marina S.
Industrial designer junior

Moris P.

Paul F.
Industrial designer senior


design innovative products optimizing performance, materials, price, packaging, communication and marketing. We realize Web sites advanced and Product interfaces, design packaging of the product, its identity and positioning in the market with a design and 360 °. Search, analysis and management are the tools of our work: trend analysis, positioning in the market, menagement project.
We create and develop the’corporate identity with a global vision: from brand al selling point, catalog and web site. From product to its distribution and sale, exalting corporate values. Managing the communication strategy according to the customers and to target users.




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