The project started as a collaboration between product designer Piero Quintiliani and the architect Alfredo Bigogno. These have solved the problem of noise and electromagnetic waves generated by mechanical and electrical parts of the incubators.

Generally, this problem is solved with an excessive baby insulation which is located in incubator, which according to the studies can cause various diseases, such as autism. This is because often these incubators break the normal contact between the patient and the outside world, for example by preventing the baby to listen to the voices of parents for days or even months.

The main idea of ​​the project is to eliminate all the noise to allow normal emotional and sensory relationship between the child, his parents and the outside world. For this reason, the incubator is designed in such a way all the electrical parts are away from the baby.

The object is fixed on a bracket that is connected to the central control system. All the elements necessary for the therapy such as oxygen, hot air and humidified and sensors are transported inside the incubator through this bracket, leaving remote sources of noise and electromagnetic waves. These latter have been reduced thanks to a translation of the sound system that uses other technologies.

The incubator is fixed to the bracket with an arm that can rotate 360 ​​°, and it can be unlatched to be transported, ensuring a high degree of flexibility.






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