Design for made in Italy – Interview with Piero Quintiliani

Piero Quintiliana, medical designer, in the form of interview he tells his experience and his point of view on the design applied to the pharmaceutical and electromedical sectors. In his young but intense industrial designer he has devoted himself mainly to the creation of electro-medical devices, especially in the field of neonatology. Consistent with the canons of the professional training of a young designer, Quintiliani was determined from the beginning in acquiring knowledge to 360 ° especially for what concerns techniques, materials and development of the project; knowledge widely exploited in the course of business for the design of neonatal cradles, lamps for phototherapy, apparatus for the measurement of bilirubin for Ginevri (Albano-Cecchina), or equipment for aesthetic medicine of Triworks (Guidonia).

pharmaceutical and electromedical production: how they have evolved the aesthetic and technical characteristics of the products and the language of communication in these health areas, wellbeing, to therapy, aesthetics?

Most of my design work has been carried out to date in the medical devices sector. Collaborate with different companies for the construction of instruments for the cure, therapy and recently also for the aesthetic medicine tools, equipment for wellness and beauty. These two sectors are very close and evolving. As in other fields there is first of all the experimentation and the constant adoption of new materials. Mater Bi, eg, which it is a biodegradable material to 100% realized with the maize starch, It will be used, I think, in the biomedical field with innovative possibilities, as it will be for nanomaterials. Especially the collective sensibility is evolving. There is a world of geometry, form, Color in constant transformation that must continually interpret new contexts and new technologies, adapt to changes in ways of living, the ways of relationship and communication. Innovation in the field of electromedical instruments involves a new way of conceiving the equipment, making them more and more functional, communicative, in tune with their users, both as an operator and as end user. At the same time these objects so tied to their specificity and apparently far from everyday life, They can also get in touch with the aspects and today's modes of existence. An example is the work done with "nest", a cradle that I made for the Ginevri,Albano a firm that deals with neonatal care. Cots normally used in hospitals or clinics are the standard ones, They serve to keep the baby close to mom and to deliver. So far to solve the problem of covering during transport they used a brutally empirical system, superimposing a mo 'a cradle upside down lid, as the lid of a pot. In addition to the improvement of materials and the study of a system of signs and language to communicate safety and reliability, The project has addressed the issue of coverage by creating a revolving structure like that of a baby stroller, hinged to the cradle, and also operated with only one hand. It was realized a change of remarkable function and the object has now completely different performance. Sometimes, for other machines projects intended for the aesthetic medicine, I try to get through a geometry of a plan that provides the support even of a smart phone or other accessories with which we are increasingly equipping in everyday life. The object thus receives other support functions and integrates with the needs of everyday life.


Nest, cot neonatal.


Ginevri, 2002 How do the characteristics of the drug, or any equipment, They must be received or perceived by its users?

The design is a vehicle for information. The correct information travels through a good project. If you work carefully, with dedication, I would say with love, you can transfer through the unconscious messages that are not strictly linguistic information. Returning to the case of "nest" the solution of the maneuverable coverage even with one hand, communicates reliability and the successful passing of a problem.


handpiece. Triworks, 2007

What he was in his profession the relationship with technology and how the constraints of technology and materials have guided his project?

My idea is that a bond can become the lever to make a good project, to find more intelligent solutions, to go beyond. It is a puzzle game, but solve it is with satisfaction and have fun. For an old-style design, of technical type, obligations due to technologies and materials were almost a dogma and never dared groped to overcome them. With the arrival of the designer in companies, vice versa, You tend to overcome the constraints, to see what are the possible alternatives, trying to improve. I recently collaborated closely with the Triworks, a young company that deals with medical equipment and devices for aesthetic medicine. They use different technologies that are used for various methods: radiofrequency, pulsed light, cavitation, and more. This is sophisticated equipment, of machines which have excellent functionality, but that were designed without any aesthetic. They presented themselves as a mobile, a folded sheet steel box, a brute body, with a contrasting negative impact with the refined technology; They transmitted the opposite of safety and reliability. It was not just an aesthetic fact, but of functionality, language, how to put a next-generation mobile PC in a PC-90s. I have designed a container to accommodate different types of board equipment and floor made with the rigid polyurethane molds, allowing you to streamline and achieve substantial savings; It is composed of two shells; the rear differs with the color depending on the type of equipment. If you compare the previous machines with the new production seems to pull the prehistory with modernity.



electromedical. Triworks, 2005

What was the relationship with the client as part of his professional experience?

I have so far had a good experience. If the client calls you and gives you confidence there is more involvement, greater responsibility; ourselves a very productive relationship. In particular there is a good harmony with Triworks, perhaps also for the fact of having the same age.


What would you recommend to a young person who wants to work in his own field?

I would recommend to be as careful as possible, informed, sensitive. You can not sleep. Many young people are a bit 'off, you must exit from slumber, by the lack of interest that I see a little 'in all fields. You have to read up, be curious. the designer, to resume an example done by others, It should be a little 'as a reporter, always attentive to what happens. Modernity can not be interpreted standing still, You need much dynamism to make this profession. For those who live in Italy recommend an experience abroad, it will be because I have not done, I am having had the good fortune to be immediately absorbed by the working reality. I believe that we must not close in a field. Lately I've drawn a luggage compartment for supermini, It stimulates me also work in many other areas. I would recommend however to undertake an expertise in electro that can be precisely training for those difficulties and the constraints of which we said; I exclude those sectors already saturated as the gifts and housewares. In general, the advice is to still have courage and try to present themselves, to propose their cooperation in the new business realities, even for the generational change, have, especially in Lazio, a strong potential.

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